Book Week in the ACT

Book Week 2023


Artwork by Matt Ottley

Dates: 19-25 August 2023


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Book Week 2022

Theme: Dreaming with eyes open...

Artwork by Jasmine Seymour

Dates: 20-26 August 2022


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book week 2021

Book Week 2021

Theme: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

Artwork by Shaun Tan

Dates: 21-27 August 2021

Book week 2020

Theme: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds 

Artwork by Gywn Perkins

Dates: 17-23 October 2020

Note - For 2021, the CBCA expect the annual CBCA Book of the Year Awards and CBCA Book Week to return to the regular schedule of the Award announcement on the third Friday in August, with CBCA Book Week commencing the following day. 

In 2021 CBCA Book Week will run from 21 to 27 August.

ACT Judges for 2019:

Julie Long

Kirrin Sampson

Book Week 2019

Theme: Reading is My Secret Power

Artwork by Bob Graham

Dates: 17-23 August 2019

Book Week 2018

Theme: Find Your Treasure

Artwork by Anna Walker

Dates: 18-24 August 2018

Book Week 2017

Theme: Escape to Everywhere

Artwork by Freya Blackwood.

Dates: 18-26 August 2017

Book Week 2016

Theme:  Australia! Story Country

Artwork by Shaun Tan

Dates: 20-26 August 2016

Book Week 2015

Book Week 2015

Theme: Books Light Up Our World

Artwork from CBCA Archives

Dates: 22-28 August 2012