President: Julie Long OAM          
Vice President: Dawn Shield
Vice President: Kirrin Sampson
Treasurer: Rob Smith
Minutes Secretary: Vacant
Membership Secretary: Justine Power
Ordinary Members: Colleen Caddey 
Veronica Melville
Catherine Morgans
Maura Pierlot


Schools:                                                                                     Veronica Melville
Partnerships: Julie Long OAM
Social Media: Julie Long OAM
eNews: Heather Wilkinson
Website: Kirrin Sampson and Catherine Morgans
Public Officer: Norma John
Archivist: Vacant

CBCA National Positions

These positions are held by CBCA ACT Branch members.

ACT Board Representative:                       Julie Long OAM                                   
CBCA Judges 2020-2021:    Lucy Long and Margaret Bromley
Nan Chauncey Judge 2020-2021:       Rachael Hind
Independent Board Member:        Rosemary Thomas