Shadow Judging Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How many participants can you have in a group?
Answer:     Any number up to a class size. In the trials there were groups from 3 to 25 participants.

Question:  What does the facilitator do?
Answer:     Each group needs an adult:

  • to form the group and manage the administration aspects of running the program,
  • to provide a welcoming and supportive environment which is respectful of all,
  • to assist the discussion of each book using the CBCA BOYA criteria, and
  • to inspire and manage the creative response.

Question: What resources do self-funded groups get?
Answer:    All groups will have a supporting mentor and be given access to all the digital resources on the Shadow Judging website. Self-funded groups will need to purchase copies of the 6 Shortlisted books in their category of choice. They also need to fund a creator’s workshop for their group if they wish.

Question: Why do groups have to pay a $50 registration fee?
Answer:    The ACT Committee has chosen to take the registration out of 2022 school/institutional membership fees and will pay CBCA National on groups behalf. The registration fee contributes to the administration and development of the program and resources. Further, it demonstrates a commitment on behalf of the group to complete the project and enables groups to be matched to a mentor.

Question: How many groups will there be in the ACT and surrounds?
Answer:    ACT Committee has undertaken to have a maximum of 20 groups, 10 of these groups will be funded groups.

Question: How do I form and manage a group.
Answer:    A facilitator needs to gather a group of interested young people together who will enjoy discussing and responding to contemporary children’s books, arrange regular meeting times, facilitate the discussion, and submit the creative response to each Shortlisted title in their chosen category.